If you like to
• Take some time for yourself to relax, reconnect and gain new energy
• Reduce stress and the feeling of overwhelm
• Improve emotional and physical health
• Increase your self-awareness
• Learn how to deal with obstacles and limiting beliefs
…then join this four day retreat from June, 23rd to 26th at the Yogabee Farmhouse close to the beach in Domburg!

Through breathwork, yoga, meditation and coaching we support you to find a place within you – where you can access states of calmness, peace and trust and emotions of love, joy and flow. This reconnection to our own being allows us to authentically reconnect with others and the world around us.

• You will learn tools to regulate yourself managing your emotional & physical state
• You will connect with a group of like-minded people and build a new support network.
• And you will have enough free time to walk along the beach, enjoy the sun and visit Domburg.

This retreat is a collaboration between two experts in the world of development and health:
Johanna is the Founder of Tiger & Turtle, a digital platform coaching and inspiring followers with innovative breathing techniques. She is also a professional yoga teacher combining yoga and breathwork.
Angela is the Founder of The People Network, an international network of coaches that support personal and organizational development. She teaches consciousness practices through coaching and meditation.

To get more information and sign up, please visit the Tiger & Turtle website: