Met Fiona Hayhoe
Due to stress we start to lose our connection with ourselves.
We cease to feel and understand ourselves and our needs.
Stress and fears we encounter change our structure, leaving traces of tension in the body. 
All of this affects our well being – it disrupts our connection with the feeling of peace and ease.
Through your yoga practice, combined with the inspiring retreat context of Yogabee, you will have the opportunity to realign and regain a sense of inner integrity. Claiming your life in your time.
Taking time out from your daily routine and daily life is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
It is vital to create space for inner reflection and rebalancing of body, mind and soul.
This retreat caters for all levels of yogis.
My teaching is designed to meet you where you are. 
Soft Vinyasa flow in the morning, Yin & Restore yoga in the early evening.
I will also be weaving elements of Critical Alignment Yoga into the practices, focusing on the strap and roll.
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